Meaningful and Authentic STEM Learning

At Joy International School, we are building a culture of authentic and meaningful learning. We work to help our students develop modern thinking skills they will need to succeed in the future. We also work to help our students obtain access to opportunities because of their language abilities and cultural understandings. We are excited to start our first year with these ideals as our focus.



Top American Teacher:Victoria Griffin is an American educator with years of experience teaching both college-level Chemistry and primary-level Science. She is passionate about getting students engaged in science, and she develops activities for students to learn with their hands as well as their minds. at Joy International School, she teaches High School Science as well as Primary Extra-Curricular STEM. 


美籍外教:Victoria Griffin是美国教育家,具有多年大学化学和初级科学教学的经验。她热衷于让学生爱上科学,并且她致力于开发让学生用他们的双手和头脑一起学习的英语科学活动。在嘉洋国际学校,她教高中科学以及小学英语科学活动课。

Hands-On STEM Task:Victoria teaches primary students using a different hands-on activity every week.Yesterday, she gave them a creative group task: Within a time limit, students were prompted to make tall towers out of nothing but index cards. This simple task helped students think creatively and collaboratively. It is a fitting example of the type of authentic learning that Joy International School aims to provide with the 5C core values. 



The students made towers out of index cards and nothing else. Within the time limit they needed to try to make the tower as tall as they could. While building they had to use the English words: yes, no, good idea, put here, put there, fold it, and bend it. This project is one of the STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) projects they will do this year. The index card tower is under the Engineering category.


学生们仅仅用索引卡纸就可以造一座塔。在有限的时间内,他们得尽力把塔楼建得越高越好。在搭建的同时,他们必须使用英语词汇:Yes.No. Good idea! Put here! Put there!Fold it! Bend it! 这个课程是今年他们的英语科学课STEM(科学、技术、工程、数学)项目之一。 纸卡塔就属于这个系列的课程。

English Practice Activity:While building the towers, the students were forced to communicate to each other entirely in English. They were given the basic English words/phrases necessary to complete the project, and they were guided to use language in a meaningful context. This is based on the research that says that language learning should take place in the context of meaningful projects and activities.



Look At This! 
Good Idea!
Bend It! 
Beautiful Together! 
Fold It! 

The second grade also did a fun STEM project this week! They learned about electricity! By using electricity they were able to make their butterflies wings move with only using very simple materials.



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