淮安市嘉洋国际学校美方副校长  瑞恩•格里芬

Dear Parents and Families of Joy International High School, 


 We hope you are staying safe and healthy during this challenging time. Our second semester begins this Monday, February 10th. Though we can not bring our teachers and students together in the classroom, we expect both teachers and students to work very hard to maximize learning remotely. Though we know that learning from home can not replace the learning that takes place in our classrooms, we will do our absolute best to provide high quality learning opportunities electronically.


We see parents as our partners in helping students to continue their  learning during this time away from school. Please support  your  child  in  pushing them  to  stay  up-to-date with their work. There will be videos, real-time video conferencing, readings, assignments, quizzes, tests, and grades. There will be required attendance and mandatory deadlines, and it is vital that  students be held accountable by both their teachers and their  parents. Everything  we do over the next few weeks is an official extension  of  the Joy program and will be counted as part of course credits, GPA, and high school transcripts.

家长是学校的搭档,此时我们一起来帮助孩子们继续他们的学业。请督促学生在家及时完成功课,这包括视频、直播上课、材料阅 读、作业、小测、考试和成绩。学校将会要求学生按时出勤,并 在规定时间内完成相应的内容。老师们和家长们都需对学生负责 ,这一点至关重要。学校在接下来几周提供的任何内容都是嘉洋课程项目的正式扩展,将被记入课程学分、GPA和高中成绩单。

It  is too early to know exactly what  will happen next. At this moment, we are planning for three weeks of remote learning. We hope to be back in school together by the end of the month.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I appreciate your support, patience, and understanding and look forward to welcoming students back  to school  when  It  is safe to return.




Ryan Griffin  瑞恩•格里芬

High School  Director 高中部主管

Joy International School  淮安市嘉洋国际学校