Dear teachers, dear schoolmates, good morning!


The topic of my speech for today is “Learn to be grateful, respect and love the elderly”.


Sweet osmanthus fragrance in autumn. The annual Double Ninth Festival comes on Thursday.


The Double Ninth Festival comes from the ancient book of Yijing, which defined nine as the number Yang. The ninth day of the ninth lunar year is the same day as the sun and the moon show together, so it is called the Double Ninth Festival. The ancient people thought it was a lucky day worth celebrating and began to celebrate it from a very early time.


People in China think climbing at the Double Ninth Festival can avoid disasters. Climbing a mountain, enjoying chrysanthemums, drinking chrysanthemum wine, eating Double Ninth cakes and arranging cornels are the activities for double Ninth Festival.


The ninth day of the ninth lunar month is also the traditional Day for respecting the elderly. The Double Ninth Festival is a homonym for a long time, which implies a long and healthy life. Nowadays Double Ninth Festival is endowed with a new meaning. In 1989, China designated this day as the Seniors’ Day, combining tradition and modernity skillfully, and advocate the whole society to establish the atmosphere of respecting, loving and helping the elderly.


Respect for the elderly is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. Through the ages, we have many stories of respecting and loving for the elderly: Mulan joined the army for her father, Huang Xiang faned the pillow and kept the mat warm, Wang Xiang laid on the ice for carp, Meng Zong cried for bamboo shoots; Nowadays Chen Yi visited his mother. These stories are moving and touching. As builders of the country’s future, we are duty-bound to inherit and carry forward this precious spiritual wealth.


Respect for the elderly begins with respect for your elders. The elders in the family always leave the best for us, and no matter how much they do, they have no regrets. There is an old man in every family, and everyone will be old, as we grow up, their hair becomes white and their body becomes gaunt. And we’re just gonna take it for granted? In fact, the elderly need more care. Our sincere greeting in daily life can add a family happiness for the elderly. A trivial matter may also become their aftertaste of eternal happiness.


We should not only care for the elderly at home, but also care for the elderly in society. Our happy life today is due to the hard work of the older generation, who have worked for decades to create a lot of material and spiritual wealth and deserve the respect of the whole society. At present, China has entered an aging society, and it is our social responsibility to further advocate respecting and loving the elderly. A family that respects the elderly is a harmonious family. A society that respects the elderly is a developing society, a school that respects the elderly is a progressive school, and a student that respects the elderly is a civilized student. A flower will never bloom again, and a man will never be young again. One day we will be old, too. To respect the elderly is to respect the glorious tradition of the Chinese nation as well as ourselves. We are duty-bound to respect and love the elderly.


The Double Ninth Festival is coming again. Let’s take action. Take some time to call older members of your family to say holiday greetings and thank them for all they have done for you. Of course, this is not just for the double Ninth Festival one day. We can accompany them to chat, do some small things and express your love everyday. At the same time, we should extend our caring and helping hands to grandpa and grandma in the community.


Double Ninth Festival comes every year. In this valiant autumn season, let us wish all the old people can be happy, healthy and enjoy their life!


That’s all for my speech, thank you!

演讲人:刘京成   戴志远 
撰稿人:张晓峰(中)  魏瑶(英)