We will always meet all kinds of difficulties at school, whether it is about study, or relationships. How do we usually dead with it?Will things turn out to be better if we just we until our environment changes?We often think that happiness only exists in the future, and the present suffering is meaningless. 

But the little things we do and experience everyday lay down the path to our future. I interview three students to find out what think of some of their past experiences.  

One of the most important things I have learned is to have your own judgement, no matter what others think of you.

When I first came here, I had only one good friend, and few acquaintances. Then one of the boys instigated my friends to turn against me by spreading rumors about me. I felt depressed for a long time, and was afraid to do anything by myself. I lost desire to socialize and to eat. 

I told my mom I wanted to transfer to a new school, but she said, “If you don’t like your environment, you should not run away but try to change it. If you can’t change it, adapt to it. If you leave this time, you will always choose running away.”

Later, my relationship with my friends restored. And I now very much value my along time. I’m no longer upset by others’ slander against me. We cannot be liked by everyone, but can invest in those who truly appreciate us.

At the beginning of the semester lats year, I brought two phones to school, but only turned in one, because I did not have my own computer to do my homework. I had the impression that it is impossible for teachers to allow students to use their phones during the week. But it was a very difficult week for me, as guilt filled my heart every time I talk to my teachers.

After six days of suffering, I could no longer bear it and talked to one of my teachers. To my surprise, he did not blame me at all, but instead tried to help me to find a computer. 

After this incident, I realized the importance of sincere communication. I believe that students and teachers can trust each other, and teachers are here to help students.

I learned one of my most important lessons at Joy from a bitter argument with my classmates.My friends and I were thinking about starting a student-led club, but we had drastically different opinions about the operation of our club, and our relationship soured to such an extent that we could no longer work together.

Then, right before our first big event, we had one of our biggest fights, because some students wanted to replace me as the leader of the club. I was dumbfounded, and I felt that all the time and energy I had invested was in vain.

Then, after a long conversation with my opponent, I realized that we both lack an important quality – humility. We often stick to our opinions and don’t like compromising. I had always thought I was a good listener, but he thought I was like a dictator.

I now know that to lead does not mean to have the most power, but to be the humblest one in the team, because that’s the only way to truly understand each other. Afterwards, we became much better listeners, which was the key to our success. 

Through ups and downs, these students have gained trust, a sense of responsibility and leadership along the way. I believe that you guys will gain value characters as well, after overcoming what may seem insurmountable at first.

演讲人:关胜美 徐力