国旗下讲话 | 第10周:信念

Hello everyone,
we are Lucas and Tony from Grade eight of the International Department, today the theme of our speech  is – Faith.

What is faith? We all know that Russia and Ukraine were brothers originally and a part of  republics of the Soviet Union.They Joined together to build a beautiful socialist country, but now they have lost their faith and become enemies, and they had the Russian-Ukrainian war.

The day before the war, Russian and Ukrainian figure skaters had embraced each other in the arena. Now soldiers from the two countries faced each other in the trenches with guns.They have lost the faith they have inherited for decades, and they are divided.

Russia demolished Ostrovsky’s statue, and Ukraine also fully boycotted the Russian-created Soviet-based sci-fi game “Atomic Star”,  The people did not have a good life and fled the war and the people lost their ideal and belief in benefiting all mankind.

Roman. Roland said: “The most terrible enemy is the lack of strong faith. ” They have lost their faith, but China has inherited it, just kidding, and now China is probably the only country in the world still reading the book “How Steel is Made” on a large scale.The two sentences hanging on the tower of Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, “Long live the People’s Republic of China and Long live the great unity of the peoples of the world,” have gone through the baptism of time and are still shining.

We inherited Marxism and wrote “the people are masters of their own affairs” into the Constitution, and Chairman Mao also said that we must “serve the people”… It is the belief of our motherland that putting the people first is the mother of our motherland. Turning enemies into friends, seeking common ground while reserving differences, and safeguarding world peace are also the motherland’s convictions.

Mark Twain once said, “Anything is possible for those who have faith.” Iran and Saudi Arabia, which had been bitter enemies of each other for hundreds of years, have announced the establishment of diplomatic relations in Beijing through the mediation of our country, benefiting each other and helping each other. unite the people of the world and develop peacefully, this is the belief of our motherland.

n this book, the protagonist Paul grows from Wimpy Kid to a revolutionary fighter,The reason is that he has the conviction to fight for the liberation of mankind.

There are many different people’s beliefs in this book, but what touches us the most is this moment: when Paul is physically disabled and unable to work, unable to contribute to society, and has suicidal thoughts, he silently walks to the river, grief-stricken, but he asked himself over and over again: ‘Paul, does this difficulty knock you down’? That’s when I realized that “this is how steel is made.” 

That’s when I realized that “this is how steel is made.” John Congor said, “Faith is an invincible force.” So what beliefs can we students learn from Paul?

I think it is unity and love when interacting with classmates, humbly seeking advise when encountering problems in learning, not giving up when encountering difficulties and setbacks, and establishing that when I grow up to serve the people and contribute to the motherland…That’s what we believe in. Doing well in the present is the future.

Finally, I would like to conclude this speech with Paul’s words in memory of his comrades:The most precious thing about man is life, life is only once for everyone, and man’s life should be spent in this way: when he remembers the past, he will not regret for spending his life in vain, nor will he be ashamed of doing nothing; On his deathbed, he was able to say: ‘I have devoted my life and all my energies to the most magnificent cause in the world — the struggle for the liberation of mankind’.

This concludes our talk, thank you.

撰稿:张天恩 张真儿
朗读:张天恩 张真儿